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Bodrum's famous landmark is an impressive example of medieval crusaders architecture

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Euromos: temple of Zeus

Euromos: temple of Zeus

A visit to Bodrum's Castle of St. Peter is a must-see in Bodrum, and many visitors are surprised to find such riveting blend of ancient and modern behind those imposing stone walls.

Ansicht von Kumbahce

Standing magestically beside the main road between Milas and Lake Bafa is one of the best preserved temples in Asia Minor. This is the Temple of Euromos. The temple was built in the 2nd century AD, and sixteen of its original seventeen columns are still standing, complete with their architraves. It is believed that the temple

was never completed, as evidenced by three columns on the south and southwest sides which have no fluting, but an archaeological survey in 1969 found an inscription from Hellenistic times which proved that the present temple was built on the site of an even earlier one. The city of Euromos stood a short walk from the temple, to the north. There you will find the remains of a round tower, dating from 300 BC, which was once part of the city wall and from which it is possible to trace the wall which once enclosed a very large area. On the hillside above the plain are the remains of a badly deteriorated west-facing theatre, best preserved in its northern corner. From the extent of the ruins it appears that Euromos was a city of considerable wealth. Contemporan writings show that the citizens livecl in some disharmony, although in apparent union with their more powerful neighbours at Mylasa. This union did not last, for when Mylasa demanded recompense for some infringement by Euromos, the citizens turned to the Rhodian and Romans for atonement and hence regained their independence.

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The castle of St Peter is the landmark of Bodrum and hosts a museum of a special kind

eine Bodrum Photo Tour mit vielen Bildern - Klick hier!

auf diesem zeitgenössischem Stich sieht man die in die Mauern eigelassenen Friese des Mausoleums

on this drawing from around 1800 you still can see the friezes built in the walls of the castle

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