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 Denizhan Konacik
 Marina Yacht Club
 La Jolla
 Kaptan Alp
 New Season Bitez
VONA Rest. Bitez
 Secret Garden
 Sünger Pizza

Times are over when you had to search in Bodrum for a nice place to wine and dine. Here are some places we tried ourself

There is a wide variety to eat delicious food. You can taste various popular cuisines here. You'll be offered Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican and European cooking and Turkish food from simple meals to gourmet feasts. But the best is if you try at least one or two typical places with Turkish cuisine.

Sünger Pizza
Cheap and cheerful - opposite the marina. Best Pizza and meeting point of the town. It is always crowded with locals and the sailing crowd. If you venture on to the roof terrace there are tremendous views over the Harbour towards the castle. The personality of the place reflects the local well-known owner. Try 'Çökertme', that's thin sliced meat on a layer of very fine grated chips with yoghurt.


     It is owned by a Dutch lady who has high standards and loves to entertain her guests with renditions on her flute. Also art exhibitions are added to your enjoyment. It is a quiet civilized place in old town Bodrum that serves traditional Aegean cuisine. The lamb is to die for. Pricing is medium to upper by Bodrum standards. Tel. 313 2964


Look at the Bodrum Panorama

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In einem typischen Lokanta

"lokantas" are eating places specialized in quite inexpensive regional Turkish food. Try them too.

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A summer evening inTürkbükü

All restaurants on the seeside of Türkbükü have their tables on pontons

La Jolla Bistro
     La Jolla Bistro has Bodrums largest wine and coffee selection. Making this chic bistro very popular with elite locals and travelers. La Jolla Bistro is also at XUMA BEACH, open mid June to mid September and La Jolla in BODRUM is open all year round. At both locations a blend of Mediterranean cuisine and Californian fusion is the theme for mouthwatering tapas and main dishes. In addition to the menu "SUSHI" is served by reservation at both locations. House specialities include Ice Cold Sangria and Frozen Margaritas. Tel. 313 7660
Their own webpage is on

Marina Yacht Cub
     Just opposite Sünger and next to the Karada Marina a new meeting point has been created. You may pretend to be part of the yachting fraternity whilst enyoing a cold beer or your sundowner and waiting for your dinner. The popularity of this restaurant means, that a reservation really should be made. Not expensive at all. Tel. 316 1228

Bitez: New Season
Since years - this is the Restaurant Nr.1 in Bitez. Not only because of the rich choice of dishes - it's the staff, that this makes it a special place. Go early and enjoy selecting from the ambitous menu whilst sipping a sundowner here direct on the seaside. The Restaurant is open all winter and also wellknown for the weekend brunch - on a sunny day hardly to find a seat here. Special recommendations are the CARDAK and the AMPHORA KEBAP dish. Don't hesitate to ask for transportation, they will pick you up and bring you back where you stay. Tel. 363 8477

Alp Kaptan
Alp, a former Turkish Captain and his German wife Hilla (both speak fluent English and German) will make you feeling home. Starters are tasty, main courses - with accent on meat - are varied and fill the plate. Occasional live music, what more do you want. Tel. 316 8686

For those who want to venture a little further from Bodrum we recommend:

Informations about Myndus history


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A sunken city and harbour from ancient times, coupled with a fishing village, interesting walk across the sunken city wall to Rabbit island provides a superb back drop for the restaurants that line the harbour. A true delight is watching the sun slowly sinking into the Aegean sea on a warm summers evening. The restaurants serve traditional food with particular emphasis on Fish freshly caught.
Please note that all sea food prices should be negotiated when you order to avoid unexpectedly high bills!
And be careful when ordering wine. Turkey has recently raised up the VAT on alcoholic drinks up to 26 %. Instead of white wine with the fish try a Raki.

Gümüscafe-Restaurant "The Oven"
     Enjoy dining in style, listen to soft jazz, whilst sitting by the sea. Stuff is perfect in English and German. Tel. 394 4234

The quieter resorts much favoured by the wealthy from Istanbul include this lovely village where the restaurants nestle along the side of the Aegean, and the experience is enhanced by the restaurants actually spilling out onto the water.
Now in its 8th year it is renowned to be the place to eat and relax in Ortakent Yahsi. Run by Mustafa and Victoria they are always on hand to make sure everything is of your liking. Situated on the beach this restaurant caters for everybody. Famous for their Sauteed Chicken Livers, Calamari, Stuffed Sardines, Grilled Filleted Seabass, Tender Fillet Steaks with an array of sauces to choose from, Mediterranean Lamb & more. You must leave room for the home-made cheesecake. Now by popular demand are open all winter. Tel: 348 3992.

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Epsilon in a romantic garden

Epsilon - in a romantic garden.

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La Jolla Bistro

La Jolla - Bodrums chic bistro


don't forget to negotiate on your fish prices in Gümüslük

New Season: most popular Restaurant on the sea side in Bitez

New Seasons - Bitez: most popular Restaurant on the sea side in Bitez

Romantic setting: Gümuscafe & Restaurant, dining in style in an exceptional location

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