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A brief guide to the Bodrum peninsula

Warm Mediterranean sea and a wide shoreline, makes this a popular location.


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The Bodrum area provides all kinds of choices for visitors, but for those looking for
holidays in Turkey
with a little extra luxury, there are several five star hotels to choose from in addition to a wide selection of luxury villas.

Bodrum - Hotels

Blue Cruise

Bodrum is the ideal starting point for the famous  Blue Cruise

3 days forcast  here

Akyalar and Bitez is ideal for windsurfing

Akyalar and Bitez are ideal for windsurfing

The waters around Bodrum are ideal for scuba-diving

The waters around Bodrum are ideal for scuba-diving

Enchanting villages, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays, dot the peninsula.

map of Bodrum peninsula



Geographical facts: Bodrum Peninsula is situated on the southwest coast of Turkey, in the eastern Aegean. The Peninsula extends 42 km in the E-W direction and 6 km - 23.8 km in the N-S direction between the bays of Güllük and Gökova. Covering an area of 649 km2, its highest elevation is measured as 690m. The Bodrum Peninsula is surrounded by 32 islands and islets and forms a 174 km long coastline.

The Peninsula:
There are several ways to explore the peninsula, the most enjoyable of which are to visit several of the bays and seaside villages mentioned via one of the daily boat trips available from Bodrum harbor or from any of the local beaches or harbors. The other is to take the Dolmus, the local mini busses. Dolmus await the passenger for every destination at the bus station on the main road out of town. Destinations are clearly displayed on each vehicle and all one does is go and take a seat and wait for the bus to fill.

This beautiful Peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere. Enchanting villages, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays, dot the peninsula. On the southern coast, Bardakçi,
 Gümbet,  Bitez,  Ortakent (12 km), Bagla and  Akyalar (10 km), have fine, sandy beaches. Campers and wind-surfers enjoy Akyarlar, and at Bitez colorful sail boards weave skillfully among the masts of yachts in the bay.

On shore you can enjoy quiet walks through the orange and tangerine groves bordering the beach. Ortakent has one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in the area and offers an ideal place for relaxing in solitude. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Bodrum peninsula, Karaincir, is ideal for lively active days by the sea and relaxed, leisurely evenings with local villagers. Finally, Akyarlar enjoys a well-deserved reputation for the fine, powdery sand of its beach.
 Turgutreis (20 km from Bodrum),  Gümüslük and  Yalikavak, (A natural shoreline, beautiful sunsets and luxury holiday villages make this a rapidly developing spot), all with excellent beaches, lie on the western side of the peninsula and are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Turgutreis is the birthplace of a great Turkish admiral of the same name, you will find a monument honoring him. In the ancient port of Myndos, Gümüslük, you can easily make many friends with the hospitable and out-going local population. In Yalikavak white-washed houses with cascading bougainvillaea line narrow streets. Small cafes and the occasional windmill create a picturesque setting.
See the north coast of the peninsula -
 Torba (5 km),  Türkbükü (15 km),  Gölköy (13 km) and  Gündogan, - by road or, even better, hire a boat and crew to explore the quiet coves, citrus groves and wooded islands. Little windmills which up to 10 years ago provided the energy to grind grain crown hills covered with olive trees.

Kümbet - water cisterns to collect the winter rain



 Torba, a modern village with holiday villas and a nice marina is located 8 km north of Bodrum.  Gölköy and  Türkbüku (Small piers are trans-formed into romantic restaurants at night) are small and simple fishing villages with a handful of taverns overlooking a lovely bay.

Finally here is an insider tip for those who want to enjoy the sea and feel the local atmosphere away from the crowd. Drive to Mazi or Yaliçiftlik, it is East of Bodrum, towards
 Mumcular and then left (the best is to go in a jeep).

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country house in Türkbükü

a typical country house, as you will find them on the Bodrum peninsula

Ortakent beach

 Ortakent offers sandy beaches on a wide shoreline

Bodrum Properties

Bitez, from private, stunning view

Versende gleich eine Mulimedia Karte von Bodrum
the Bodrum postcard

click here for the Blue CruiseA summer evening inTürkbükü

Êvening in Türkbükü


traditional life lingers on in  Mumcular

eine Bodrum Photo Tour mit vielen Bildern - Klick hier!

 DuMont Extra:
Bodrum &  Marmaris


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