Gümüslük - the ancient  Myndos

stands on the site of the ancient Carian city of Myndus whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake. While the area'' archaeological status forbids diving with tanks, snorklers will find more walls under water here, as well as an ancient breakwater in the harbor. The land site is yet to be fully excavated, but traces of antiquity can be spotted in empty fields.

map of Bodrum peninsula


where is Gümüslük?


The original city of
Myndos stood a few kilometers southeast of here. In the 4th century BC King Mausolus decided to build a new Myndos and transplanted the entire population. A hundred years ago there were ruins worth seeing (including a theatre and a stadium), but now these have disappeared, being gradually dismantled for the foundations and walls of new buildings.
Remember Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”? If so, you’ll recall Brutus and Cassius, the principal knife-wielders in Caesar’s murder. In the civil war that followed, this same Cassius kept his fleet in the harbor of Myndus, today’s Gumusluk, exacting, none too gently money, materiel and provisions from the local population to feed and equip his rebels. They lost.

Gümüslük's current attraction is the delcious prepared fish in the many seafood restaurants, (not very cheap here, so better you negogiate the price when you order). Another of its many attributes is the serenity of its nights.

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