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In einem typischen Lokanta

"lokantas" are eating places specialized in quite inexpensive regional Turkish food. Try them too.



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There is much more to Bodrum than the town itself. There are many agencies that offer daily trips to places you must see, once you here
The prices of the countless agencies don't differ much and the buses are modern and first quality.
The given prices here are research from May 2007 and found at a reliable agency: Bodrumtour; Tel.: +90 252 3133009

General intro to this area: The Menderes valley
The valley of the Menderes River, known to the West as the Meander, has been the cradle of civilizations. Set amidst pines, olives and oleander is the magnificent Bafa Lake. It is a lovely, peaceful place to stay whether in a guest house or camping. To the east of the lake rise the five peaks of the Besparmak Mountains. The ruins of the ancient city of Heraklia are close to the lake while the ruins of Alinda are to be found on the eastern slopes of the Besparmak Mountains. The valley has witnessed the rise and fall of several great historical cities, notably Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Aphrodisias, and Hierapolis.

Daily tour to Ephesus
 Ephesus is an antique jewel. A highlight of any visit to Turkey.

Celsus Bibliothek in Ephesus



The most well-known and most interesting destination however might be this site. This antique city gives you the best idea of an earlier towns structure.
Excavations by archeologists from several countries have been carried out over 125 years in Ephesus, a city which continues to attract visitors from every corner of the world even after thousands of years.
These site about 160 km North of Bodrum can be reached in approximately two and a half hours by bus. Ephesus was the most important city of Minor Asia. The Greeks founded Ephesus already in the 11. Jh. v. Chr. and very soon it became the center of culture, trade and power. Many historians refer to Ephesus as the starting point of western civilization and occidental thinking.
€ 35,-
contact Hüseyin (he speaks English)

2 days to Ephesus und Pamukkale (w. overnight stay)
 Ephesus, as described before und die spektakulären Kalkterrassen von  Pamukkale (dem »Watteschloß«), gehören zu den beliebtesten Zielen.Pamukkale, this is a beautiful and spectacular natural site, unique in the world with its fairy-like, dazzling white, petrified cascade. It is a must-see during a holiday in Turkey. ... more here
Named "Pamukkale" in Turkish, meaning "cotton castle", it was named after the white calcareous castles are formed by limestone-laden thermal springs.
At a temperature of 35C the spring's waters are rich in calcium which have a positive effect on people's problems with blood circulation, nerve system, heart, rheumatism and skin diseases. The thermal waters have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers. Situated on the plateau are both the thermal centre with its motels and thermal pools and the ruins of the ancient city of
 Hierapolis.Here you should not miss the chance for a swim over the ancient remains in one of the thermal bathes.

The history of this city goes back a long way but the important part of the city was built in the 1st century BC. Some of the richest art finds have come from the excavations of this city which was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility. The buildings are handsomely adorned with marble that was carved with skill, producing remarkable temples, monuments, a theatre and baths. Their reputation for the exquisite finesse of their statuary and marble craftsmanship soon spread to other parts of the then known world. It thus became the centre of the greatest sculpturing school of antiquity. A highlight of any visit are the marvellous sculptures now housed in the museum. ... more here
€ 50,-

Tagestour nach Dalyan und Kaunos.

Kaunos - lykische Felsgräber



Inmitten des herrlichen Naturschutzgebietes von Dalyan liegt die antike Stätte  Kaunos, einst eine wohlhabende lykische Stadt, die für Fischfang und Sklavenhandel bekannt war. Die lykischen Felsengräber, die am steilen Hang in den Fels gemeißelt sind, bilden die außergewöhnliche Kulisse für eine Fahrt durch das meterhohe Schilf des Dalyanflusses. Etwas weiter oberhalb des Flusses werden Schlammbäder angeboten. In den heißesten Monaten des Jahres erscheinen regelmäßig die Riesenmeeresschildkröten Caretta Caretta, um in dem feinen Sand an der Dalyanmündung ihre Eier abzulegen.
€ 24,-

Tagestour zum Markt in Milas, Euromos und Bafa-See.




In der netten Stadt  Milas erleben Sie einen typisch türkischen Wochenmarkt (Dienstags). Auch bietet Milas mit dem "Gümüskesen" eine verkleinerte Nachbildung des Mausoleums. Je nach Veranstalter wird die Fahrt auf den Bafa See und  Euromos ausgedehnt. Am Bafa-See liegt die antike Stadt  Herakleia mit ihren Endymion-Tempel, Athena-Tempel und überbleibsel einer byzantinischen Festung.
Anschließend gibt es in einem Restaurant frisch gefangenen Fisch zum Mittag. Danach wird mit dem Boot zu zwei Inseln übergesetzt. Hier kann man die Tierwelt beobachten, schwimmen oder einfach die phantastische Kulisse der Berge genießen.
€ 5,- (oft ohne Euromos und Bafa See)

country house in Türkbükü

Country houses like this you'll see, when you book one of the village tours

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A summer evening inTürkbükü

Abend in Türkbükü

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Tracht von Bodrum

Tracht von Bodrum

auf diesem zeitgenössischem Stich sieht man die in die Mauern eigelassenen Friese des Mausoleums

auf diesem zeitgenössischen Stich sieht man die in die Mauern eigelassenen Friese des Mausoleums

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