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Euromos: temple of Zeus

Euromos: temple of Zeus

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Iasos - today it is called Kiyikislacik

Kiyikislak, the ancient Iasos, lies at the innermost point oft the Gulf of Güllük north of the Bodrum peninsula,
Iasos today - click to enlarge  

and is 18 kilometers east of Milas. Across the water on the opposite shore Güllük can be seen. In the further distance other villages along the coast of the Bodrum peninsula are visible. While the peninsula is Turkey's most popular holiday area thronged with visitors in summer, Kiyikislak is astonishingly peaceful and tranquil. The present village only dates from 1929. Before that, it was a Greek farm. Today it is famous for its olive groves and cheap and abundant fish, like in ancient days.

Iasos was formerly an island, the founders probably chose it for its protected natural harbour. Excavations of the Carian city Iasos by a team of Italian archaeologists have revealed that the earliest settlement dates back to the Early Bronce Age. Many artefacts and sculptures can be seen in Izmir, Milas und Bodrum museums, and there are some objects and inscriptions made of the local purple marble in a Roman mausoleum referred to locally as the Balik Pazari (Fish Market). Other buildings in the ancient city date from various periods.

The walls, which are the first structure to strike the eye, are thought to date from the Hellenistic period. As well as three temples of Zeus Megistos, Apollo und Artemis. There are numerous Roman buildings, including an agora, theatre aqueducts, cisterns, gymnasium, baths and a bouleuterion. In the sea is an ancient harbour wall and watch towers. One of the two watch towers or lighthouses has been restored and can be reached by walking along the stones of the harbour wall that rises above the sea's surface. When the city was still inhabited, a chain used to be stretched across the entrance to the harbour between the two towers to prevent attack by sea.

In recent years fish farming has become widespread in the area and like in ancient days the abundance of fresh fish in Kiyikislak is one of its main attractions. Every day people come here from the opposite shore just to by fish and a meal at one of the fish restaurants on the seashore here is delightful.

Then one comes to lassos, which lies on an island close to the mainland. lt has a harbor; and the people gain most of their livelihood trom the sea, for the sea here is well supplied with fish, but the soil of the country is rather poor. lndeed, people fabricate stories ot this kind in regard to lassos: When a citharoede was giving a recital, the people all listened for a time, but when the bell that announced the sale of fish rang, they all left hirn and went away to the fish market, except one man who was hard of hearing. The citharoede, therefore, went up to him and said: "Sir, I am grateful to you for the honor you have done me and for your love of music, for all the others except you went away the moment they heard the sound of the bell." And the man said, "What's that you say? Has the bell already rung?" And when the citharoede said, "Yes," the man said, "Fare thee well," and himself arose and went away.

Historical Places:
Mylasa: Milas is the name today. Trade center in Roman times.
Eromos: Built in 6th century B.C.; with its 16 columns standing - still one of the best preserved Zeus temples
Labranda: this ancient place once was the site that was dedicated to Zeus with priest houses, treasure houses thombs and sacred way.
Herakleia: close to Bafa lake, between Latmos gulfs and Aegean sea with temple of Athena.
The theatre at Iasos

Click to enlarge The theatre at Iasos was dedicated to Dionysus and made the city an important centre of music and theatre

The agora at Iasos

Click to enlarge The agora at Iasos - excavated by Italian archaeologists

Bafa lake

Bafa lake click to enlarge

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Map of Iasos in the province of Mugla

Location of Iasos

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