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Bodrum's nightlife is unbelievable

and often ranked even by Turks before Istanbul?


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Bodrum probably has more bars per area than any other place in Turkey, appealing to all tastes. Even Turks quite often rank Istanbul as number #2 after Bodrum

The night life of Bodrum is something very special. Even Turks will rank Bodrum after Istanbul as number 2. Bodrum probably has more bars per area than other places in Turkey, appealing to all tastes. Among them are intimate seaside cafes with magnificent views of the illuminated castle.

You will be faced this year with more live music then before. The places are mainly called meyhane, this concept has grown into a wide spread entertainment business recently. Originally a simple place for eating and drinking, to the meyhane Turks come wishing to listen to their favourite singers who all visit fashionable Bodrum over the summer. Mainly on the road to Konacik and Ortakent, various meyhanes are found, some of which look like night clubs.

The characteristic show and the custom is to join the singer as if in a concert. You can dance
- not necessarily in a dancing area but in any space you can find among the crowd. Eating and drinking abound and there is no limit to enjoying yourself.

read an article by Jenny Taylor about Bodrum Nightlife
and another one by M. Gürer
Sleepless Nights

Restaurants vor der Burg und parallel zur Barstraße

Restaurants face the castle, to find parallel to bar street

der 'webmaster' mit Ibrahim Tatlises

''webmaster Karl' with well known Turkish entertainer Ibrahim Tatlises

Versende gleich eine Mulimedia Karte von Bodrum
the Bodrum Postcard

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Bodrum is the ideal start for the famous  Blue Cruise

3 days forecast  here

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An authentic Turkish experience can be combined with a racuous nights drinking at one of Turkey's meyhanes. These tavernas serve raki, beer and wine, along with an awe-inspiring selection of mezes (starters), succulent kebabs and fruits of the season. A favourite location for raki drinking, the atmosphere gets louder and merrier as the night progresses, with clients often breaking into impromtu renditions of Turkish classics. The most famous meyhanes in Bodrum are located near Bar Street, ask for Kaptan Mahmud's Meyhane

Lets start our bar and disco walk right underneath the impressive walls of the
castle - on Iskele Meydani, the place just on the harbor side where there are many cafe's are, just next to the tourism office.

Here starts Dr. Alim Bey street, later it leads to Cumhuriyet street, but both together are known all over Bodrum as 'Barstreet'. This one mile long street runs parallel with the sea, so all the bars and restaurants on your right side offer a sitting area on the beach with the scenic view of the castle.

 McDonalds fast food will be the first on the left side.

Then next to it is VELI BAR, with frequent live music. This one is probably the oldest bar in town.

Nestled among boutiques with good quality textiles you'll see
 YETTIGARI and then a bit further on HADIGARI BAR & RESTAURANT

Before you come to an open place, known as PIDE Place you will pass the formerly M&M DANCING, which has recently changed hands, that once was a disco of high quality standard sound system and decoration, we have no idea how it is now.

Now you have reached a little square, in precise words the Hilmi Uran Meydani, or in short: the 'Pide place', because you find a bunch of shops selling snacks like the Turkish Pizza, called Pide. Take a rest here.




On the right then you'll see a stone house facade with the name  FORA BAR. It is again one of these nice bar/discos situated on the beach offering a marvelous view of the sea and castle.

Now you enter directly into the extension of this bar street, the Cumhuriyet Caddesi. If you come in high season you'll find it difficult to walk on this narrow and crowded street.

Many shops and boutiques sell all kinds of goods and among them are the restaurants and bars. And don't forget - you are still parallel with the sea.

By now you have reached another opening, called Azmakbasi, but the Cumhuriyt caddesi carries on.

Here on the right you find
 FASIL CAFE RASIT, an upstairs bar with authentic Turkish music and belly dance. The program starts around 11 PM. New is the  BEBEK Bar here, it is one of the most distinguished 50 bars of the world, as the 'Newsweek Magazine' has listed. At its terrace bar overlooking Bodrum bay with the castle, you can enjoy the long established specialties of the famous Bebek Bar in Istanbul.

After Azmakbasi you'll have the open sea on your right side and many bars and inviting restaurants to your left-

your eyes will be attracted by a building in nearly Victorian style
 THE WHITE HOUSE BAR offering live music.

A bit further on is
 SULTANS BEACH H0USE, owned by friendly Erdogan Danaci.

More discos and bars follow and still on your right side is the open Aegean sea. A nice little cafe called
 MAVI BAR - the blue bar invites you for a drink while you can have a look at their galleries

From here you walk about 50 meters along the little ascending street to one of the nicest discos in the world, the
 HALIKARNASS DISCO. They really don't need an advert - it is so wellknown. We even do not get paid by them, but a page like this would be incomplete without mentioning this place.

Halikarnas is the biggest, trendiest and most stylish club in Bodrum, if not the whole Aegean. The disco seems a joke to us, it's very expensive (admission price includes first drink) but the setting, the laser show and the no-expense-spared floorshow makes it for some people attractive. You can't miss it as it has the loudest music system in town. Many people around complaining. Open 2200-0400.

Halikarnas banner


read the banner ad

On any given night of the week something is happening at 'HALIKARNAS', be it a 'foam Party', Ladies Night' or 'Night of the Dance'. Entry fee is between 20 and 30 Million TL. The advertised FREE BEER NIGHT sounds a bit funny to us. Keep in mind that in Gumbet you'll have many places where you pay not more then 2 Million for a beer

The nightlife of Gumbet
In Gumbet you can take your pick for top nightspots. Wander along Bar Street and go into whatever takes your fancy. Trends change and what is hip one week may not be the next. The best bet is to follow the crowds if a bar or club is busy that usually means a good night can be expected. Try the Queen Vic, Memories, The Shamrock, Mystery Bar, Victoria Bar, Beach Club and Heart Beat Disco. Bars are open from midday until the small hours. Discos generally don't get going much before 2200 or 2300 but stay open until 0300 or 0400.


Live-Jazz in Hadigari

Hadigari offers often 1st class Jazz programs

Halikarnass Disco and Nightclub

Spontaner Bauchtanz in einem Meyhane

Spontanious Belly Dance in a typical meyhane

click here for the Blue Cruise



Ada Beach



377 5266

Adamik Bar


Meyhane Sok.23

316 2783

Amigos Bar


Osman Nuri B.C.95

313 8665

Avlu Bar


Meyhane Sok.9

316 5781

Bebek Bar


Cumhuriyet C.53

316 5302

Campanella Bar


Meyhane Sok.23

316 2783




358 5981

Fidele Bar



377 5150



Dr. Alim Bey C.37

313 1960



Cumhuriyet C.178

316 8000

Korfez Bar


Cumhuriyet Cad.

316 5966

Küba Bar


Neyzen Tevfik C.62

313 4450

M&M Bar


Dr. Alim Bey Cad. 4

316 2725



Cumhuriyet C.175

316 3932




313 1868

Ora Bar


Dr. Alim Bey Cad.

316 3903

Red lion


Cumhuriyet cad.

316 3748

Ship ahoy



377 5070

Queeen Victoria



316 9899

White House


Cumhuriyet cad.

316 4084

X Bar



313 1607















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