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Do you like to visit Kos or Rhodes?
it is that easy from Bodrum -
there are daily Ferries to Greece in Summer and Winter

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Knidos - Cnidus

Cnidos: a must to see, but difficult to reach.
Better to enjoy with the Blue Cruise

click here for the Blue Cruise

3 days forecast  here

Bodrum is the ideal harbour for a short visit to Greece. But is it worth the effort? Sometimes you may have your doubts.

Important! Always have your passport with you, some countries only need the identity card. Get informed before.

As daily trips by ferry boat starting from Bodrum are offered:

Fähren ab Bodrum



Gökova MiniCruise
Datça and

Some critical points mentioned before.
Daily tour Cos: this is the most common tour, either you book the slower ferry boat or the fast Hydrofoil, by the slow clearance at the Bodrum passport control, both of the boats arrive at the same time in Cos.
Another point, you start at 9 AM and about 10 or 10:30 AM you are in Cos (50% of the shops in Cos close for lunch) and about 4 PM you have to be back for the return.
Trip to Datça: let's not have misunderstandings, the boat is not landing in Datça, the harbour is Körmen, (see map), to Datça then it's only a short drive by Taxi or Minibus,
Cnidos, the must see jewel of ancient days is been abounded by Turkish Tourism. It is only about 25 km from Körmen, but the last 7 km can only be compared with a donkey road, you need an easy going taxi driver or a good jeep.
Trip to Marmaris: this is a tour to the end of the Gokova Gulf with the possibility to take a minibus in Karacasogut for a drive of about 20 minutes to visit Marmaris. More time altogether for driving then enjoying Marmaris.
not running in 2012

Rhodes for a day: think of this: starting 9:00 from Bodrum, 2 hours by Hydrofoil (if the weather permits) and at 16:00 back from Rhodes. Once a week and only summer season.

There are two ferry boat companies but they don't cooperate. One is operating the fast Hydrofoils , the other one is operating mainly the ferries, that also carries cars. For Information's, better ask both of them, because they don't give information's about the other company.
here is our timetable for 2012

Negative in front of the Turkish passport control are often long queues. The servive at the passport controll has become better during the last years, but it still takes away alot of fun of your daily trip.
Positive! the ferry companies have a nice pick-up service when you book before in advance. A minibus collects all the clients and brings them to the ferry boat pier. (at no extra charge)

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Fähren vor der Burg

The ferry boat companies in Bodrum run a well maintained fleet

Kos Asklepion

In Cos, as everywhere in this region, you'll find many antique sites. This is the Asklepeio of Hippocrates

eine Bodrum Photo Tour mit vielen Bildern - Klick hier!

Versende gleich eine Mulimedia Karte von Bodrum
The Bodrum Postcard

mausoleum von Halikarnassus

The long queues in front of the Bodrum passport control taking away some of the fun of the day

 DuMont Extra: Bodrum &

There are 5 crossing points from Turkey into Greece. Ferries run at least once a day from May till October
(in theory).
Kusadasi - Samos
The lush green island of Samos, former home of the mathematician Pythagoras, is the major crossing point between Turkey and Greece. Samos has regular connections with Mykonos and Paros.
Marmaris - Rhodes
Very touristy for good reason, Rhodes boasts the medieval city of the Knights of St John, which displays some of the best-preserved medieval city walls in Europe.
Regular connections with Crete and Kos.
Ayvalik - Lesbos
Virtually unaffected by mass tourism, Lesbos is perfect for people wanting to experience the real Greece. Also a centre for bisexual women, art and culture, Lesbos has good connections with Chios and Athens.
Cesme - Chios
Lacking any significant sites from antiquity and without good beaches near the main port, Chios is not a popular holiday destination and remains relatively untouched by , tourism. Regular ferries to Samos and Ikaria.
Bodrum - Kos
One of the sunniest islands in the Aegean, Kos boasts sandy beaches and historical sites. Regular connections with Rhodes, Patmos and Paros.

If your wanting to visit a Greek Island from Turkey, port taxes are usually waived if you return the same day. If you're heading to the islands for some serious hopping, once you reach the Cyclades (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, los, Santorini) there are regular connections to all the other Cyclades and to Athens.



Fähren ab Bodrum



A day trip to this birthplace of Hippocrates will add color to your holidays and with the Hydrofoil you are there in about 25 minutes, with the ferry in about 6o-70 minutes. Many traces of its ancient past are here, like the tree of Hippocrates (center of town) and the Asklepeion of Hippocrates (bit out of town). Do your shopping before the Greeks have their Siesta (most of the facilities are closed then). Keep that in mind as well, as you are planning your trip on a Sunday. Kos itself is a nice and tidy Greek town.
here is our schedule/timetable for 2012

Price List

1 Person Daily Return


1 Person One Way


1 person on Different Day Return







100 EURO


100 EURO


150 EURO

currency rate in April 2012, 1 Euro = 2,35 TL
* Turkish Port taxes are included in our prices.
* 0 - 6 age child is free
* 7-12 age child is half price
*Driver is not include the vehicle price.

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Fähren ab Bodrum



There is much to see in Rhodes and you will have more time to see it if you go there by the hydrofoil in approximately 2 hrs. 10 mins. (weather permitting) The walled Old City is a labyrinth of narrow streets and cobbled alleys with attractions on every corner, from intriguing shops to the palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John. Rhodes was once the bastion of this powerful religious brotherhood which adorned the city spoils of war and profits of trade and the monuments of that age are grand indeed. Outside the walls is a bustling modern city with gardens, beaches and extensive shopping opportunities, and a bit further afield is delightful Lindos, a sparkling white village set below an impressive acropolis.
Rhodes for a day perhaps it is a better idea to do it from Marmaris, the ferries from there are running daily and you can trust their modern boats and departure times (due to weather conditions the departure from Bodrum quite often is cancelled)
daily to Rhodes from Marmaris at 9 AM - Price p/person 48,- Euro
updated informations and ticketservice
click here

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ruins of ancient Cos

ruins of ancient Cos

click here for the Blue Cruise



Fähren ab Bodrum



The other gem on the Turkish Aegean coast, Marmaris, is approximately 1 hour 50 mins. away by Bodrum Express. The fast and relaxing trip will take you to the charming little harbor of Gelibolu, on the far Eastern shore of the GuIf of Gökova, where you will disembark for a 20 min. drive to Marmaris, a lovely resort with its waterfront lined with fine restaurants and its back streets a shopper's delight. Ihe enclosed Marmaris Bay resembles a large lake surrounded by pine-clad mountains. Marmaris is the home of a superb marine, the largest in the eastern Mediterranean, where you can see some of the world's finest yachts and mix with the international crowd of sailors from the four corners of the world. Not running in 2012

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Fähren ab Bodrum



Sample the highlights of the famous Blue Voyage cruise in just 1 day. Relax as we take you by hydrofoil from Bodrum to the picturesque little harbour of Gelibolu on the Far Eastern shore of the GuIf of Gökova. then soak up the sun and the sights on a traditional Turkish wooden gulet as we leisure-ly cruise you around the coastline of Gökova visiting the famous English Harbour and Cleopatra Island. Swim in the crystal clear waters then relax on board while the crew serves you with a mouthwatering lunch. Late afternoon relaxed and tanned, board our comfortable hydrofoil for your fast journey (approximately 1 hour 15 mins.) back to Bodrum Harbour. Not running in 2012

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der Datca ZipfelThe picturesque small town of Datça lies on the South coast of the Datça peninsula tipped by the site of ancient Knidos. Your 50 minute trip by Bodrum Express will take you into the GuIf of Gökova where you will disembark at the little harbour of Körmen for a short overland ride to Datça. Some authorities have claimed that the original site of the city of Knidos was just outside Datça, but although recent excavations tend to dispute this assertion there indeed was an ancient city situated nearby and this site can be visited. Ihe tiny harbour and the waterfront of Datça are very lively with summer visitors, but the main attraction of the town is in its pre-served pre-tourist village-like character and its clean beaches.
here is our timetable for 2012

Price List

1 Person One Way

25.00 TL

1 Person Return

40.00 TL

1 Small Car One Way

80.00 TL

1 Big Car One Way

90.00 TL

                                          1 Jeep One Way  

100.00 TL

1 Small Minibus One Way

120.00 TL

                            1 Big Minibus One Way

150.00 TL

1 Caravan One Way

200.00 TL

1 Big Motorbicycle (101-600 CC)

55.00 TL

1 Small Motorbicycle (0-100CC)

40.00 TL

currency rate in April 2012, 1 Euso = 2,35 TL
* 0-6 ages are free
* Between 7-12 ages children: % 50 discount

* Drivers ticket fee included the prices
* Price for Passengers in the vehicle 15 TL. There is no discount for the motorbike passenger.

* When the types of vehicles determining a license shall not be considered. Vehicles are classified and priced according to size
* Please call Bodrum Ferryboat for Vehicle booking.

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DIDIM (Altinkum)

Fähren ab Bodrum



As we learned, no trips at the moment. But we know that from Torba goes a boat, as soon as we know more, we will inform you.

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Addresses of the Bodrum Ferry companies
Ferries are running by the Bodrum Ferryboat Association Hydrofoils belong to the Bodrum Express Lines
Depature often at the same time (make sure you are on the right one).

 Bodrum Ferryboat Association
Kale Caddesi, Gümrük Alani, TR-48400 Bodrum
Tel. (0090 252) 316 0882 - 316 4067 ~ Fax: 313 0077
you can buy your ticket by credit card

 Bodrum Express Lines
Kale Caddesi 18, TR-48400 Bodrum
Tel. (0090 252) 316 0882 - 313 2509 ~ Fax: 313 0205



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